From my purpose built workshop in Sheffield's historic Portland Works I create electric guitars in limited runs, custom instruments and carry out repairs and restorations.

In 2015 I moved in to Portland Works, the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing in Sheffield. Carrying on the tradition of Little Mesters and Master Craftsmen of the area, I make as much as possible from raw materials.


Pickups are hand wound by me to my own specifications, the truss rods are made from raw steel and brass bar stock and many of my tools & machines have been custom made for specific tasks. 

I work with suppliers who deliver FSC certified timber and are actively engaged in ensuring the sustainability of many of the exotic species used in Luthiery. I also collect old-stock wood from various sources including architectural salvage and retired woodworkers.


A background working as an art technician, studying Automotive Design and Fine Art along with many years as a musician has honed my various skills and I feel all these experiences have contributed to the approach I take to building guitars. 

Guitar making is a three way conversation between client, builder and the material itself.

I have a passion for creating beautiful, unique pieces and thrive on the collaborative process of working with customers to deliver instruments that inspire.