From simple set-ups and re-wiring to fixing broken headstocks and full restorations of vintage instruments. 

Whether your guitar is in several pieces or you just want it to play to the best of its ability I am here to help with over 10 years experience & a purpose built workshop, located a stone's throw from Sheffield city centre. 




To get your guitar or bass playing to the best of its ability, setups involve restringing the instrument, adjusting the truss rod, setting the action at the bridge & fine tuning the nut if needed. Intonation is then adjusted using a strobe tuner.


The fretboard is conditioned, the frets polished, everything is given a once over and on electric instruments the pickup height is adjusted.

The price for a standard setup of an acoustic or electric is £55 + strings.

12 string guitars and those with more complex tremolo systems add £20.


Nuts & saddles

Nuts are hand cut and polished from either cattle bone or a synthetic substitute and dialled in to the optimum height for your particular instrument. Brass and aluminium may also be used upon request.

Standard nuts and acoustic saddles are £60 each.

For 12 string guitars and Brass/Aluminium add £20.



All fretwork is undertaken on a jig that simulates string tension. The frets are accurately levelled, crowned, and the ends lightly rounded so they feel smooth to the touch. It's all then hand polished and buffed to a high shine.

A simple level, crown & polish  is £110.

Full re-frets are priced between £220-£275 depending on whether or not the fretboard is bound or lacquered.

All fretwork comes with a standard setup.


pickups & wiring

From scratchy controls and faulty jack sockets to replacing or re-winding pickups and full rewires. 

Electrical repairs start at £40 plus the cost of any parts.

Pickup installation starts at £40.

Pickup winding starts at £50.

Wax potting of pickups costs £25 for the 1st and then £10 each. 


structural repairs

Broken headstocks, fingerboard replacements, acoustic bridge and bracing problems, massive cracks and more. Most damage can be repaired and refinished with minimal evidence that it had occurred in the first place.

On vintage instruments I take care to preserve patina where important and use traditional methods and materials such as nitrocellulose lacquer, shellac, hide glue etc. All repairs are performed with respect given to the era the instrument was created and it is my job to try and leave as little trace of my work as possible.

Every repair is different but as a rough guide, the common broken headstock like the one pictured is usually between £90 and £200.



With a dedicated spray facility all major repairs can be professionally colour-matched & retouched or a whole instrument can be refinished. 

At present I am only finishing in Nitrocellulose but hand-rubbed Shellac is an option on the backs of necks for that silky bare wood feel.

Price of refinishing is highly dependant on the guitar but start at £450 for a whole instrument, £200 for a neck & £300 for a body.